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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

COPS: The Jump-Out Boys

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For more than a decade viewers have been thrilled by the real-life exploits of the police officers on the television show COPS. The Jump-Out Boys, by Hank J. Barr, takes the reader along on the filming, as seen through the eyes of a veteran audio man and producer. From the comic to the tragic and all places in between, the efforts of police officers across the country are revealed in all their diversity. The author presents a positive picture of law enforcement officials, because that is what he mostly saw in his seasons with the show. Forever changed by his experiences, Mr. Barr will not take police officers for granted any time soon. The reader of this book will feel the same way.

The Jump-Out Boys : Hank Barr is a friend of mine. We attended the same church here in Clovis, CA for several years. Hank, and his family also live in Clovis. This is an exciting book, about an exciting show. If you could meet Hank, and talk with him for just a few minutes, you would see what a nice kind man he is. And,, he has traveled all around the world, and back and forth across this country with COPS, you can't imagine all he has seen. That's what makes this book so great. Hank is in the picture above in the background, the one with the earphones. He has been a sound man for the show for several years now. He started as a cameraman, but after getting shot, he decided to do the sound, better visibility he says. Hank is also credited as associate producer.

Hank has been with Cops since it began. He has been involved with television since the early 70's. Hank was a cameraman for Geraldo Rivera, when Geraldo was out on the streets trying to interview drug dealers, and various street criminals early in Geraldo's career. Cops origins are associated with Geraldo. John Langley, creator / producer of COPS also woked for Geraldo in those earlier years.


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At April 16, 2011 at 9:00 PM, Blogger amber said...

Hi my name is Amber :0)
I agee to know Hank u would have to know that he is a very kind person and has many wonderful storys to share. I have a signed copy of this book.
The Barrs are the most honest, loving family I have ever had the honor of knowing.

Can't. Wait til the next book is finished.


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