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Friday, January 07, 2005

Clovis Building for Future Metro: Building for Future:

"When Clovis City Hall opened a modern set of downtown offices in the Fifth Street civic center nearly 30 years ago, the city was a small suburb of Fresno facing a minor growth spurt.

With the city's population at
20,750 (actual 80,844) city leaders hoped the new 25,000-square-foot, $2.4 million complex would house the police, planning, financial and administrative departments for some time to come. "

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The current Clovis City Hall complex has paved over my old field of dreams. Located on the SE corner of 5th Street & Cole (which used to go through), was the Old Clovis High Schools recreation area. It contained the old wooden gym, and the baseball fields. There were 2 fields, the nice one in the SW corner with the concession stand right behind home plate, that kept all of us little leaguers cooled off with cherry snow cones, and the basic field in the NE corner with only a backstop, and small bleachers for the friends and families of the minor leaguers.

The Clovis Boys League was great in those days. Yes, "boys" league, it was a different time. All summer the future pro baseball players honed their skills. Skinned knees, missed flyballs, and a few homeruns, proud mom and dads cheered on their sons, and made friends in the stands.

Now of days I see kids playing soccer all over town, even in drainage pond/recreation parks. They even play on Sunday! I will never get used to that. I'm sure these kids are having fun, and learning some skills, and making lasting memories such as mine, but they missed a good time back when Clovis was indeed becoming a "Way of Life". Clovis was a community back in 1965, when I turned 8, and able to play minor league. You either knew or at least recognized most everyone you saw on a daily basis. They may even had been riding a horse on Shaw Ave near Clovis Ave.

Click on the picture above for a larger picture of the field in 1965. And for those inquiring minds, this City Employees sponsored minor league team is; top row l to r, Don Nelson, Tom Perez, Felix Puentes, Chuck Nicholson (dark blue shirt unknown), bottom row l to r, Steven Swiger, Cesario Lopez, Tracy Taylor, Mike Gibson.


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