Clovis Skeptic: Boxer Bashing Bush In Ohio

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Boxer Bashing Bush In Ohio

For the second time since 1877 the house and senate will be forced into seperate 2 hour meetings to consider electoral votes. Why you ask? California's Senator Barbara Boxer (dem) and a small band of other democrats, signed a challenge to Ohio's 20 electoral votes. This will delay congress from certifying the 2004 presidential election results.

No one expects the election results to change, not even Boxer herself. Boxer says "objecting to the electoral votes from Ohio is the only immediate way to bring these issues to light".

President Bush has clearly won, nothing is going to change. Liberals just want to stir the pot. The report cites machine shortages and extremely long lines in minority and Democratic precincts. It alleges intimidation of voters, a purging of registration lists and other irregularities.

What is really going on is the liberals now want any vote not cast to be for their candidate. They want open interpretation of all ballots. Remember pregnant chads? The Democrats, since they lost Florida, have wanted to change the system, from counting real actual votes by legal voters using simple arithmetic to a system where wise guardians decide what the voters really wanted to do on election day.

This mostly has to do with African-American votes, and specifically with the falling number going to Democratic candidates.

In order to win a statewide election, a Democrat needs 90+% of the black vote.

This is no longer happening in a reliable way, partly because some of "their" voters don't vote.
The Democrats would like the system to "count every (non)vote" as a vote for them, since if "their" voters had registered, or were legal voters, or had showed up at the polls, they would have won.

What is happening today is meaningless.

What will follow, an attempt to change the rules for what counts as a vote, is not meaningless


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