Clovis Skeptic: Bike-building brothers take rides to new level

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bike-building brothers take rides to new level

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Click pic for larger image - Bike-building brothers take rides to new level:"DUNCANVILLE - One man's motorcycle is another man's art. Or both when the man is cycle builder Joe Martin.

There's no denying the beauty of Martin's hand-built bikes. Even sedan-huggers can appreciate the sensuously dangerous artistry of the one-of-a-kind machines. Martin's bikes sell for about $100,000 to collectors who may never ride them.
'They're pieces of art. That's truly the way you have to look at it,' says Jason Martin, Joe's business partner and younger brother."

Nice huh? Bikes look good too! Absolutley beautiful bikes, can you imagine $100k for a motorcycle, just to put it in a glass case in the den. Check out more of this talented teams bikes at their website Martin Bros Bikes.


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