Clovis Skeptic: Ashlee Simpson's Halftime Performance Falls Flat

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ashlee Simpson's Halftime Performance Falls Flat - News - Ashlee Simpson's Halftime Performance Falls Flat: "MIAMI --


Ashlee Simpson's Orange Bowl halftime performance ended with the screeching line, 'You make me want to scream,' but all the crowd wanted to do was boo.

Simpson's performance topped off a halftime act that featured American Idol Kelly Clarkson, country star Trace Adkins and a host of technical problems.

Simpson, the act's finale, fell flat in front of the 72,000-plus Orange Bowl crowd. The camera zoomed in on Simpson's face just as the boos started raining down then quickly cut away."

Will someone please tell Ashlee to try acting, carrying her sisters luggage, or maybe host a cooking show on MTV, anything but singing in public!

Her sister Jessica, is a beautiful, and quasi talented singer. Her beauty tricks your ears into hearing an angelic chorus when she sings ( mine anyway). Now Ashlee is a cute kid, but her 15 minutes of fame are running into someone else's time by now.

What do you think?


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