Clovis Skeptic: American Idol is an increasingly cruel reality

Thursday, January 20, 2005

American Idol is an increasingly cruel reality

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usScary Mary / A&E / TV / 'Idol' is an increasingly cruel reality: "The most memorable audition was by a blonde in a bright red shirt named Mary Roach, whom AOL has already dubbed 'The Female William Hung' and 'Scary Mary.' Singing Carole King's 'I Feel the Earth Move,' she threw her body into convulsions as she shrieked out the lyrics. When Cowell asked her how she felt she did, her answer was a confident 'Not too shabby.' She then told the judges about the voices in her head, in case there was any question of her stability. If she is indeed the female Hung, she has already earned her guilt money from the public"

Mary Roach, was definitely scary!! She said she was a cosmetology student, and that her friends (as if she had any) told her she had a voice. Which led to this conversation with judge Randy,

Mary:"I have so many voices inside me that are coming out right now."

Randy: "What are they telling you now?"

Mary: "The voices are telling me that they can’t believe that you are not letting me into the next round."

Then she went into a tirade, that was very psycho.


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